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Pole des Rapides
Old Lachine
Vieux-Lachine has a fine selection of museums. The area’s history and easygoing lifestyle revolve around the ever-present waterfront.
Lachine Canal - Atwater
The Lachine Canal–Atwater district is a historic working-class neighbourhood brimming with small restaurants and charming shops.
Parc des Rapides
The Parc des Rapides area is a paradise for outdoor lovers, thanks to the Lachine Rapids.
Verdun Waterfront
On the Verdun waterfront, you’ll find many up-and-coming gourmet artisans plying their trade and making their name.
A Montreal destination to discover...
Explore all of Pole des Rapides' unique neighborhoods and discover their numerous attractions, activities and culinary pleasures. Fall in love with over 100 km of biking trails in an enchanting setting with breathtaking views along the shores of the St. Lawrence river and the Lachine Canal.
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Le sentier hivernal du Pôle des Rapides
Événements du Pôle des Rapides
Upcoming events
Événements du Pôle des Rapides
Guide touristique du Pôle des Rapides. Le meilleur moyen de découvrir la région du pôle des rapides
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Le Circuit Gourmand du Pôle des Rapides
Vieux-Lachine, Berges et culture. PARTEZ À LA DÉCOUVERTE DE PRÈS DE 2 500 ANS
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